16 November 2014

Time for me

Day 13 of the Te@chThought November Blogging Challenge

What do you do to take time out for yourself?

Well, this certainly is a question I ask myself often.  Being a teacher, parent of two and self-professed perfectionist doesn't leave much time for "fun."  My perfectionist, somewhat OCD self says: Cleaning, organizing, planning, and checking things off an interminable list are "fun."  I realize that you must be asking yourself how on God's green Earth are any of those activities fun? Well, maybe it's not the the activities themselves that are fun or things I do necessarily for myself alone however, the sense of accomplishment brings its very own high. 

Now for a more normal response.  When I am done with my cleaning, organizing or planning- or what I deem a sufficient amount of it- I do like to do some things for myself.  I like running and have been trying to do it as often as my schedule will allow.  For the past two summers, I have participated in the Long Island Summer Run Series.  We run every Monday night at a different state park.  The runs are primarily 5ks but there are some 10ks and 5 milers.  At the end, besides the sense of accomplishments and the rush of the endorphins, there are snacks and drinks! I love running for a few reasons. 1. It is solitary and for me non-competitive ( I only compete with myself). It's often the only time I can have anywhere from 30-60 minutes alone (even when running with thousands) with a great playlist to clear my mind.

I love to read.  This another activity that I can indulge in without regret during the summer. Jumping into a great book by the pool provides a perfect escape from the everyday.  Each summer I seem to pick a new genre or focus in my reading but I do prefer nonfiction over fiction. 

One other major thing I do for myself, although not by myself is travel.  I can never tire of traveling. I can never tire of learning something new about a new place or even an "old" place I have visited.  I can truly relax on vacation- but I still make the bed.

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