23 November 2014

Super Student

Day 19 of Te@chThought's November Blogging Challenge

Tell someone you know how grateful you are for the work they do. Share your story here.

I'd actually like to take the time here to thank a student.  David is not even one of my students this year.  He is, however, an officer of the Italian Honor Society.  He didn't hold one of the traditional officer slots like President or VP.  Instead, because he showed how much work he put into promoting our club and our events and he demonstrated how proficient he was with social media and computers, I created a new position- Public Relations and Social Media. He has taken this post serious and has done all he can to make our organization successful.  He has worked tirelessly to create a website for our organization to keep all our members informed- check it out. He maintains our Twitter page and has never missed a single meeting.  He, like many other students, worked so hard to make our first big event- Italian Night - be the success it was. 
I could go on about how awesome he is but the most important thing is that he is sincere and humble.  I have told him no fewer than a dozen times how much appreciated his work is and he simply replies, "I'm glad to help." I just hope he'll train someone to be as good as he is because when he graduates, we'll be in trouble!

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