18 November 2014


Day 16 of Te@chThought's November Blogging Challenge

What is the most powerful aspect of being a connected educator? What are you grateful for?

This certainly is something I talk abut often in this blog.  Many of the prompts in this month's challenge bring me back to how awesome being a connected educator is.  So I thought I'd try to be simple and concise in explaining how I feel.

The most powerful aspect of being connected for me is the sense of camaraderie.  Sometimes, teaching can seem to be a lonely profession. It's you and the kids all day. An once in a while, you're able to talk to a colleague.  But, being connected through these blogs and Twitter gives you access to awesome, inspiring ideas when you have the time and when you need them.  It brings people in your situation closer to your without having to travel. For me, it reminds me that we're all in this together and I have somewhere to turn for great, collaborative solutions to my professional questions.  So , I am grateful for having a network of people who get me.


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