08 November 2014

The nicest gift

Like many other teachers, I could easily answer this prompt by saying that the nicest gift I've ever received is the positive feedback from my students. I have received countless letters and emails from both the students and parents praising what I do. This certainly does make you feel like everything that you're doing is totally worth it. It validates you as both a professional and as a person.  One of the advantages of teaching high school is that my students come back to visit often.  This week alone, I had a visit from at least a dozen students. It is so nice to be remembered and so nice to know that I've had an impact on their lives. These kind of gifts or immeasurable and priceless.

One material gifts however, really stands out.  Many of my students know how much I enjoy cooking.  Many of them beg me to cook and bring it into class. And when they're really lucky, or I'm feeling extra special generous or have some time on my hands, I am always willing to bring in food to class. Knowing this, one of my students, bought me a pasta pot. The pasta pot is an incredible thing because the lid has the strainer already built-in!  This means not having to wash a pot and a colander. Yay! 
Here's a picture of my pasta pot. And it's orange. I love it! It was a thoughtful gift that has benefited not only me but even my students! 

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