08 November 2014

Favorite sayings....

The funniest thing about one of my favorite quotes or sayings is that I don't know who said it! I did a search again and came up with nothing.  It hasn't stopped me from re-quoting it or posting it in my classroom or using it on my course overview that I hand out to my students.

Here it is: 
Basically, this says that motivation is fuel for the brain.  I loved the image and the idea behind it.  Sometimes, in our educational world we are caught up with testing to show how well students do and how well we teach.  One thing is certain, without motivation on either of our parts, we're not going to get very far.  I wish I didn't have to make my teaching about testing.  In fact, I wish that I never had to give a test at all.  For me, the most important thing is that my students have learned something, anything more than what they knew before my lesson.  To me, that's a win.  I wish I could grade them solely on their motivation and participation.  These are the two key elements in my classroom.  But as we know all to well, at times we have to give in to what the state mandates or the district mandates.  It hasn't stopped me from emphasizing that this is what is most important to me as my students' teacher. I let them know that if they're motivated and they participate, they will all do well.

Another favorite saying of mine is just an idiomatic expression that I also post in my room: Volere e' potere.  It's the Italian way of saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way."  I feel that it can apply to not just the classroom setting, but to life as well.  Just the other day, some of students were talking about college and how they felt they could never go to certain schools because of financial reasons.  I told the, don't give up so easily-- volere e' potere. There are always ways to make your dream happen.  It may take a lot of hard work - or searching for scholarships to apply for - but it will be well worth the fight!

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