26 November 2014

Just the 4 of us

Day 22 of Te@chThought's Attitude of Gratitude Blogging Challenge

What are your family traditions you are most grateful for?

Since we are always so busy during the year with work, sports, holidays and a myriad of other activities, my favorite "tradition" is taking trips with my wife and kids.  I know that it might seem a little harsh to the super-close families but the truth is that major holidays and birthdays all have their merits but are always somewhat stressful for me. 

On our trips, we get to discover new places together and have new experiences together like staying on an Alpaca farm and doing yoga. We don't even need to go far or go for weeks on end.  We just need to be together and create memories because those are the souvenirs that never break and are priceless.

Checking out Charleston, SC

Bike riding on Hilton Head Island

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