27 November 2014

The future of education- and educators

Day 24 of Te@chThought's Attitude of Gratitude Blogging Challenge

What are your dreams for education in the future?

Now this is a tall order but I don't want to be greedy so here are just a few of my dreams for the future of education.

1. All schools are fully funded and are able to obtain all materials necessary to create the most optimal learning experiences.

2. All teachers are valued for what they and what they do by fellow teachers, administrators, parents and students.

3.  Freedom of curriculum without the fear of standardized tests as an end-all be-all.  While I can see the merits of having common curriculum, allowing students to move from state to state and be able to pick up where they left off, teachers should have the freedom to create their own lessons within the curriculum.  We are not Stepford Teachers. We all have different ways to achieve the same goal.  We are professionals and should be trusted as such.

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