11 November 2014

What's so funny?

Day 10 #reflectiveteacher November Blogging Challenge

What's so funny?

Humor plays a HUGE role in my classroom.  My students and I laugh almost everyday.  Sometimes it's related to the actual lesson and sometimes it's just a story that is shared by one of us.  I have to admit that I am easily sidetracked, but in a good way (ok and sometimes not so good - I am human you know).  I can't help that my mind works the way it does.  Almost everything makes me think of a song. Almost anything can bring me to tell a story of travel or family or past lessons.  And usually, the stories or my horrible singing make us laugh.

Just yesterday, we were reading a new book in my Italian V class and some of the new vocabulary led me to reference some songs from the 80s- and to sing them.  Thankfully, I have a student, Allie, who is always at the ready to look up on her ChromeBook a song or movie or other tidbit of info that I reference.  All I need to do is is look at her and she says, "I'm on it!"  Yesterday's songs were "Eyes without a face" by Billy Idol (and I even got the year right--why do I know such random stuff?) and "True Blue" by Madonna (I was only off by one year on that one). My singing and my choice of songs got a few sideways looks and a lot of laughs.

One moment that really stands out is when I was compared to Gru from the movie Despicable Me. I hadn't seen the movie but had heard about it.  I happened to be wearing a sweater... ok.. I never happen to be wearing a sweater. I'm always cold and my students will often poke fun saying that I wear turtlenecks until June or will ask how many layers I'm wearing today.  For some reason, that day, one of my students said that I reminded them of Gru.  So, naturally, I had to pull up a picture on the board.  I noticed he had a striped scarf and lo and behold, I had one as well. I put it on and stood next to the screen.  It was like someone let loose the paparazzi.  Everyone was hysterical and taking pictures.  I even had the picture set as my profile for a while!

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