18 November 2014

Me and technology

Day 15 of Te@chThought's Blogging Challenge

What tech tools are you most grateful for? Why? How have they changed what you do?

Earlier in my career, I would have headed for the hills just at the thought of having to learn to use new technology.  It seemed like there was this major onslaught of technology and I couldn't possibly keep up that I almost decided to throw the towel in and just rely on what I knew already.  Besides, as I've said before, the blackboard and I have a very close relationship.

However, try as I might have in the past, there is no avoiding technology.  And I have really come around to a lot of it.  My students walked me through the process of signing up for Twitter and helped me understand the basics.  I was skeptical at first but now, I love it! I love it because I can follow things that of interest to me personally and professionally.  I follow Italian newspapers and personalities and I'm able to bring some of this information into my classroom.  I have become connected with other educators all over the world.  I found Te@chThought and the blogging challenge through Twitter. I never thought I'd be blogging but here I am making good on my promise to take the challenge seriously.  Through this blogging challenge, I have been inspired by colleagues and have reflected in a positive way on my own teaching.

Google Docs is becoming a fast friend. I have learned to make online forms that my students can submit electronically and I have been collecting some work electronically as well, eliminating lost papers, poor handwriting and saving some trees.

My district recently offered a training on Google Classroom and it seemed like something I could really get into. I am currently working on setting up my classroom and my goal for the new year is to have it up and running.

Look at me..getting techy with it. Of course I am light years behind some colleagues but I'm catching up!


  1. Look at you, amigo! Getting your techy going and all- love it! Let me know how Google Classroom goes for you. I use Hapara, which does the same thing- very convenient!

  2. Google Classroom is SUPER FUN! I love it!