12 September 2014

Today's blog challenge question is:

How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?

First of all, when you say "challenge", I guess you mean it TeachThought.  Each night, I sit down to answer these questions and I feel like I should always have something really profound to say.  

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  I haven't necessarily thought about five years from now but I I'm always looking for ways to improve so some of my ideas may refer to the not so far-off future.  One of my goals was to incorporate technology more.  I feel as if technology is used A LOT by many and can always seem to get the oohs and ahhs of the administrators but is it always effective? I have been back and forth with technology.  Some things really seem fun and inviting while others just seem to be too time consuming and mostly fluff.  In the next five years, I see myself having done adequate research into what works well and what doesn't and embracing a more integrative way of teaching with technology because I don't see it ever going backwards and kids can't get enough.  I have to ooh and ahh my students more than my administrators if I'm going to be successful.  I just hope that when I think I've come to a good balance and am comfortable that everything doesn't change again!

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