19 September 2014

Reflection, reflection, reflection

Day 19 Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

How do I get my students to reflect on their learning? 

I have to admit that this could possibly be another one of my shortfalls in education.  I know that I do often ask questions like How do you know that?  or What do you think would make this a better sentence? or Based on what you already know, what could we do differently here? 

Something that I have started using more in the past two years is Google Docs where I discovered that Google Docs could make me look amazing with their forms.  I have created a reading log form that my students have to fill out once a week in some classes.  Besides summarizing or pointing out grammatical points and such, I do have them give a judgement on how they felt the reading was for them : too easy, easy, difficult, too difficult.  I also ask them to reflect on what they enjoyed about the reading.  

For some classes, I do use portfolios as a final project with parts that really have them reflect back on our year together.  One part is creating a comic strip surrounding an event that happened in our class in the past year.  It is always surprising to see exactly what stands out for them.  And it's always pretty funny.  : ) 

Other than these pieces, it's clear that I need to put this on my to do list. Once again, I am grateful to this blogging challenge for helping me (hopefully) become a better teacher!

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  1. I was thinking of having them create a math superhero out of a combination of 1- One of their favorite teachers and 2- A topic that was taught. Complete with list of superpowers that have to do with the math. What do you think?