08 September 2014

My desk drawer...

Day 8 Blogging challenge: What are the contents of my desk drawer and what can they tell you about me?

This is probably going to be one of the more boring posts because I don't think that I have a very interesting drawer.  I have your run-of-the-mill items like pencils (ok-- a lot of them- I do prefer to use pencil), red pens, index cards with speaking situations, die cut letters, tacks, staples, etc.  How boring! I wish I could say that I had some truly interesting items.  The most expensive item I have is a external DVD player so I can play movies from Italy for my students.  Oh, and I have a lot of chalk. Strange to say in this day and age, right? My classroom doesn't have a SMART board and I can't lie. I LOVE WRITING ON THE BOARD. Sometimes, it's good to take a break from all the technology and just get back to basics because I feel as if many can get caught up in the oohs and ahhs of technology but to me, technology serves its purpose to be helpful, like being green and collecting homework online or to add that extra something like a YouTube video to drive home a point.  Reliance on too much technology can be dangerous in the opinion of this not so chronologically old teacher!


  1. Funny how it is something like chalk can take us away from all the modern things, have us pare everything down to what's important.

    1. I didn't even realize that myself until I was asked to take a look at the contents of my drawer! I'm really enjoying this challenge!