21 September 2014

Showcasing student work

Day 20 Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

How do you curate student work--or help them do it themselves?

At the high school level, many people might imagine that displaying student work is only for the art classes.  I do have to admit that our art department does a FANTASTIC job of displaying and showcasing student work.  Usually, in May, the high school gets somewhat of a "face-lift."  The student work is incredible.  I have, in the past, brought my students through the building to look at the art as if it were a museum and ask them to comment on the art in Italian.  It's a great way to get the students out of the classroom and bring recognition to a job well-done.

In the past, ways that I personally have showcased my student work is through portfolios at the end of their academic year which holds pieces of their journey through my course.  I am always tweaking the portfolio and trying to make it better.  I am hoping this year to make it digital so that I can share some of them with parents at a Back To School Night to show exactly what my expectations of their learning are and how they can turnout something reflective and noteworthy.

I do also from time to time hang some student work. When talking about descriptive adjectives, I have the students create a coat of arms that they design based on how they see themselves.  Sometimes, I have them design an acrostic poem with their names and display that.  I have a collection of magazines that have been put together by my classes and use them as examples.  I do a lot of wonderful projects at the upper levels that really get to showcase their work through the presentation mode.  Students often enjoy seeing each others' futuristic transportation designs or listening to each others' radio programs.

I know there are so many other ways to curate student work and I am learning everyday.  I can't say enough how glad I am to have taken this challenge.  My new virtual colleagues are a wealth of information!

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