25 September 2014

Non conformist...

DAY 24 - Reflective teacher Blogging challenge

Which learning trend captures your attention the most and why?

I wish I could easily answer this and sound super-amazing.  I guess my main problem is that I have never been someone who could just follow one method or approach.  Ok, fine, I'll admit it.  During my methods class I know we had to read and study what the then pioneers in education were doing.  I'll never forget being observed by my professor while student teaching.  He said to me that he was really impressed the way that I used this method or applied that approach.  All I remember thinking was, "I'm glad he thinks I did this or that but I just did what I thought would be good for my students."

Fast forward a few years and I find myself in my own class and I think I'm still doing the same thing.  I use what I find fitting for my classes.  I usually think of what I want the kids to get out of a lesson and then design it. I think that's along the lines of UBD.  I use a lot of projects that put the kids in charge of their learning - I think that's something along the lines of PBL.  Some groups of kids are nice and cohesive, working well together.  Some groups are among the most mismatched that you wonder who could have possibly put them together and you almost dread their entrance.  No matter what the group, I adapt my lessons to them.  Basically, I just can't commit to ONE method or even a few methods.   When my class reveals itself to me, my lessons seem to shape themselves.  I know this sounds a little bit like a cop-out answer but it's the truth.

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