27 September 2014


DAY 27 Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge 

What role do weekends and holidays play in your teaching?

I wish I could say that on weekends and holidays I just relaxed and rested up for my work week.  Ok, I don't know if I actually mean that.  I'm not even sure that I would even know how to relax.  My weekends are usually just as busy, if not more, than my work week.  28 Sundays a year I teach Italian to kids ages 4 and up. In between, you'll probably find me at the soccer fields (watching my sons), doing the food shopping, cleaning or a myriad of other errands.  And in between all of this, I am constantly thinking of my teaching.  I'll hear a song and think, "Oh, this is perfect for reviewing the imperfect tense."  I'll scroll through the tweets and find a great article and have to print it out to share in class.  I just can't seem to turn off my teacher brain.  Everywhere I look, I find something I can bring into the classroom.  For now, I guess it'll be ok, right? I'll save the rest and relaxation for retirement. Maybe.

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