16 September 2014

Is Perfection a Superpower?

Day 16 - Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

Why do the prompts always look so easy to answer and then you sit down and wonder how in the world am I going to answer this one?  I open the new window to write my new post, stare at the blank screen, start to write, erase, write again, erase again, write again... I read some other blog posts for ideas (and to make sure I don't seem crazy).  And finally, I come back to what I know is true about me no matter where I am- in or out of the classroom.  I'm always running behind my foe, trying desperately to catch him; knowing I will never catch up in my very rational brain, yet somewhere in my heart, I think if I train enough, I'll grab him - perfection.

Perfection is a constant struggle I have had ever since I can remember.  I'll spare you all the long details but if you have a bunch of time and really want to delve into it, I have written an essay about wrestling with Perfection. For the purposes of keeping this somewhat succinct, I will just say this, if perfection could be my superpower, I'd take it in a heartbeat. What could be better? If I were perfect, I would have all the answers, be able to differentiate like a pro, photocopy on time, prepare perfect lessons, have perfect classroom control, etc.  This superpower would leave me and my students with the feeling of contentment and gratification. What could be better?

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