23 September 2014

Thank you, Twitter!

Day 22 - Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge

What does your PLN look like and what does it do for your teaching?

I have to admit that I, too, had to look up what this meant and had to read other blogs to have an idea.  Even though some technology has been around for a while, I had been resistant to really and truly implementing it into my professional life. Now that I have embraced it (most of it), I have to say that I am so grateful for much of it.  My PLN was made up of colleagues mostly in my particular building before Twitter.  I did have some connections outside the building as I was pretty active in an organization called LILT (Long Island Language Teachers) and it was nice to be able to grow my network of colleagues and have an idea of what things were like in other districts.  Now that I have Twitter, and more specifically, now that I have taken on this challenge, I feel as if I have just expanded my network exponentially.  Thanks to all of you involved in this challenge and who have commented on my posts or just cheered me on!  Grazie mille!

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