13 January 2015

On this page, I thought I would share my ideas, tips and experiences traveling with students. I believe that travel and education go hand in hand.  Travel can open your eyes to a world beyond your own and teach you about cultures, beliefs, foods and history.  I can't think of any reason that travel could not enhance every subject area, whether it be a foreign language, art, history or science.  

Just a little bit of a background.  I have been traveling with students since 2005.  This April will mark my eighth tour that I have led to Italy.  I have used a few different tour companies but have found that they all had merits.  In the end, you have to go with who you are comfortable with and what works best for your students.  I have been customizing my tours since my third tour and have found this experience to be the most fulfilling.  I have also led adult tours to Italy (completely different and the similar at the same time!) I have a few tours in the works and am excited to begin recruiting for those.

I look forward to sharing!

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