19 January 2015


I'm still behind in the January Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge but I have decided that given my crazy schedule of teaching, tutoring and parenting, I will answer the prompts that pique my interest and do as many as time will allow. 

The prompt is: What changes do you envision in the next ten years?

The only major changes (other than some political ones) I see coming down the pike will be with regards to technology.  Technology is coming at us at lightning speed.  Some of these advances are very exciting but some overwhelming.  I have mentioned in other blog posts that I, myself feel at times very overwhelmed and wonder where I will find the time to maintain all this technology and integrate it into my daily teaching.  I have embraced some technology and have shied away from other aspects.  Some questions I keep asking myself are: 
1.  When will I have a good enough balance between technology and so-called traditional methods? 
2.  How many times will I become accustomed to something and then have to scrap it for the latest advancement?
3.  Is technology hurting us in some ways?
4.  Am I too old to move this fast and if I am, will I become ineffective at my job?

While I recognize that I have to be updated and tech-aware, I can't help but come back to the idea that some things about what I do everyday cannot be done by a computer, tablet or smartphone.  For one, the human interaction cannot be replicated.  I don't really know anyone who has a real relationship with Siri. But I do like to think that I have established good relations with my students and this is what I think is key in having them enjoy my class- or at least what keeps them from cutting my class.  Sure, everyone loves the excitement that technology can add to a classroom but can it replace human interaction? 

So, in answer to this particular prompt, I say that in ten years, I envision that I will have found a balance between technology and traditional methods. I will have learned to embrace and maintain what is necessary and discard the rest so that I don't feel overwhelmed.  I will not be ¨run over¨ by lightning fast technology.  I will be creating a love for my subject material by being me, by creating and fostering excellent rapports with my students. I will be sitting in my classroom after school, enjoying visits from former students and building relations with my current ones.  

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